Trauma Informed Therapy

Empowering people through change

Traumatic experiences, especially those occurring during childhood, can leave a deep and lasting imprint on your mind and body which, in turn, can impact every area of your life including how you think and feel, your health, your relationships and even your sense of self.

In fact, traumatic experiences can change the ‘wiring’ of your brain and nervous system, making it hard at times for you to be able to regulate or control your emotions, even as an adult.

Having unresolved trauma in your life can lead to you having any one or more of the following experiences:

  • out of control feelings and thoughts
  • excessive worry and stress
  • feelings of overwhelm
  • feeling constantly on edge, unable to relax
  • uncontrollable anger and/or rage
  • high levels of anxiety and/or panic attacks
  • depression, suicidal thoughts and feelings
  • feeling empty, numb, not here 
  • addictions (alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex etc.)

Experiencing trauma during childhood can also affect your ability to form healthy, loving relationships.

In fact, through no fault of their own, many survivors of childhood abuse and neglect struggle in relationships as adults. 

At Red Centre Healing, we are here help!

We specialise in Trauma Therapy, a strengths-based and client centred approach to trauma treatment that recognises and understands how past traumatic experiences can impact on your physical, emotional, social and psychological wellbeing. 

Our approach to trauma recovery is grounded in a deep understanding of the neurobiology of trauma and attachment theory and our aim in therapy is to work with you to ‘rewire’ your brain, by helping you to understand how your life has been impacted by trauma and learn skills to calm your nervous system and improve your relationships so you can become the best version of you possible.

Our Therapeutic Approaches

When it comes to healing from the impacts of trauma, there is no one-size-fits-all. The “best” type is the one that works for you. We offer a range of evidence-based therapeutic modalities, including:

With each of these approaches, you do not have to tell us your ‘trauma story’ if you do not want to. We understand that retelling the story of what happened to you is not necessary for healing to occur and can, in fact, be re-traumatising for some people.

So, rather than delving into the story of what happened to you, we focus more on how what happened to you impacts you in the here and now and on what you can do to change this.

What You Can Expect

Along your journey with us, you can expect to:

  • gain an understanding of trauma and the impact that trauma has had on your life
  • learn skills to enhance your capacity for self-regulation and improve your overall sense of well being
  • learn skills and strategies that can help to reduce trauma related symptoms, such as stress, anxiety and addiction
  • develop skills that can help you to be able to identify, meet and better communicate your needs and boundaries in relation to others
  • gently process any underlying traumatic events as these arise within sessions

Whilst it is our role is to support and assist you in reaching your personal recovery goals, we cannot guarantee a particular result.

Any results you achieve will be dependent on your own capacity, efforts, commitment, motivation and intent to follow through by practicing the skills learned.

The reality is that trauma recovery work takes time. There are no quick fixes, no matter what anyone might tell you.

How Much Will It Cost?

Standard Session (60 minutes): AUD $195.00

Medicare Rebate (if applicable)*: AUD $93.35

NDIS Clients (as per NDIS Fee Schedule): AUD $214.14

Workers Compensation (therapeutic treatment only – no assessment or medico-legal reports): AUD $245.00

Private Health Care Rebates may be available, depending on your policy

Medicare Rebates

Full Fee: AUD $195 (60 minutes)

Medicare Rebate: AUD $93.35

Out-of-Pocket Expense: $101.65

We do not offer bulk billing. However, you may be eligible to claim for a medicare rebate of $93.35 per session for up to 10 sessions per calendar year under the Better Access to Mental Health Care Initiative (Mental Health Care Plan).

*To be eligible for this rebate you must be referred to me by your GP or Psychiatrist and provide a referral letter and Mental Health Care Plan. 

Cancellation Policy

36 hours notice is required

Less than 36 hours notice: $76 Fee Payable

No Notice: Full Fee Payable

We require 36 hours notice to reschedule or cancel a session without incurring any fees. This policy is in place to allow us to offer the allocated time to another client who may be on a waiting list for an appointment.

Should you cancel your appointment with less than 36 hours notice, a fixed fee of $76.00 will be incurred and payment will be required prior to your next appointment. This fee is not claimable through Medicare.   

For EAP and NDIS clients who cancel their appointments with less than 36 hours notice, the full session fee will be payable.

Where you miss your appointment and there has been no prior notice given, you will incur the full session fee, payable prior to your next session.

We understand that sometimes you may be unable to keep an appointment because of sudden illness or an unexpected personal emergency. If this happens to you, please contact as soon as possible.



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